Construction of Model Residential School at Aralam, Kannur district

Contract value of the work 1588.11 Lacs
ClientSchedule Cast Department
Project Management Consultant and Supervision KSCC LTD.
Administrative Sanction
Technical Sanction
ContractorM/s Hill Track Constructions Pvt Ltd
Agreement Date14.09.2018
Commencement of Project 02.11.2018
Scheduled date of Completion 01.11.2020
Expected date of completion 01.11.2020
Current Status
School Building- 90%completed. Now finishing work in progress
Boys hostel- 80% completed. Now aluminium work in progress
Girls hostel 75% completed. Now primer work,tilework,aluminium work etc in progress.
Staff Quarters-20% completed. Now second floor column(above lintel level) shuttering work in progress
400m compound wall completed
Canteen -Footing concreting started.

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