Construction of connectivity bridge at Piazhala

Contract value of the work 1016.665 Lacs
ClientGoshree Island Development Authority
Project Management Consultant and Supervision KSCC LTD.
Administrative SanctionG.O (Rt) 995/2017 tax dept.dtd 05/12/2017 for Rs.1,41,21,556/-
Technical Sanction APE Ekm/2018-2019/231 dtd 27/07/2018 for Rs.1,41,21,556/-
ContractorM/s Cherian Varkey Construction Company
Agreement Date17.06.2019
Commencement of Project 02.08.2019
Scheduled date of Completion 30.06.2020
Expected date of completion 30.06.2020
Current Status
Bridge proper completed

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